We may have lost Gene on February 8, 2006 but we have been blessed with the ability to still provide people with many of the tools he left us with on his DVD and the products available at his survival store. We still are providing presentations for Survival and Outdoor Safety. Check the calendar for our upcoming events!

Watch for our new video on Basic Wilderness First Aid that is now available for purchase! With this video and a course in first aid you will feel more confident visiting the great outdoors.


Gene Ward spoke on outdoor survival skills throughout the country to a wide variety of audiences. Regardless of the primary interests of an audience, almost everyone found Gene’s talks absorbing and entertaining. He drew on his background as a survival trainer with the US Air Force and his own walk across America to highlight his presentations.

Training and Safety

Survival and Outdoor Safety emphasized a simplified approach to teaching people how to stay alive in a wilderness emergency. Gene, a former U. S. Air Force global survival instructor, devoted much of the past thirty years, including a 14 month solo walk across America, trying to figure out the best possible way to teach the huge influx of wilderness visitors how to go beyond just surviving an unexpected wilderness emergency and, actually learning how to thrive, instead. He believed that people, even with very limited skill levels, could avoid getting into life-threatening survival situations by carrying a survival kit that will easily fit in their back
pockets and, provide all of the tools necessary to; build a quick, surprisingly simple, and, more than adequate emergency shelter, start fires in virtually any weather conditions, and, help rescuers find you in the shortest possible time.

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Disclaimer: Survival training is intended to increase the student's chances of surviving when faced with a wilderness emergency. No amount of training can guarantee success in this life-and-death business.