Gene Ward's goal was to provide basic survival training for the maximum number of people. His customers and audience included people of all ages, from all walks of life.

"Making fire with what you find in the woods is the ultimate experience in self-reliance. I was following all the directions from many tomes of forgotten lore to no avail. Not to mention exasperated looks from my children who also wanted to learn this skill. That is until we attended a seminar on bow drill fire-making by Gene Ward. WOW! He knows his stuff. He guaranteed that no one would leave the class without making fire. His class was a very informative, friendly, hands-on experience. I made fire, my ten-year-old daughter made fire. If you want to learn how to make fire in one afternoon, and learn a skill that you will keep all your life Gene Ward is the man to do it." Mario Dovalina, Chicago

"Young adults love survival adventure stories. Mr. Ward is the story in real life. He captivated, motivated and inspired one of the toughest audiences around--my 8th graders, they loved him. A classroom full of a big thumbs up!" Monte Syrie, middle school teacher, Royal City WA

"Gene Ward is a superb outdoorsman with a teaching bag of tricks that will captivate an audience of any age. At the end of the lesson, you'll feel more confident and comfortable in your knowledge of outdoor safety and survival. You'll also have fun!" Paul Meincke, Chicago scout leader

"I have known Gene Ward for several years, and worked with him for a few. I do not know another who exudes more professionalism, expertise, experience nor who is more committed to his trade than Gene. I have learned much from him, not only in the survival, but also in life." Mike Effinger, The Kodiak Group

"I had the great opportunity to take Gene Ward's Survival and Outdoors Safety class this summer of 2002. It was a weekend course full of informational tips and knowledge that would help one in a survival situation stay calm. I have read book upon book about survival but still was not satisfied with the knowledge the books had to offer. Gene explained and went over everything where almost anyone could understand how to achieve the activity. I was at one of Gene's clinics where he had an eight-year-old girl start a bow drill fire. I am looking forward to next year where I can take Gene's week-long class to go in more depth of the many things that Gene has to teach." Jason Martin, EMT, Chicago IL